Australian Tree Standard

A growing tradition

ETT aims to grow all its trees to meet the Australian Standard 2303:2015 Tree Stock for Landscape Use. Upon request, we will sample and test trees against the standard and certify accordingly at dispatch.

Australian Standard 2303:2015 – Tree Stock for Landscape Use

 Australian Standard AS-2303:2015 Tree Stock for Landscape Use, specifies the characteristics that are necessary for determining quality tree stock for landscape use.

 The aim of the standard is to assist and support those that grow, specify and purchase tree stock for the landscape. It is a set of criteria enabling quality tree stock be identified and selected. The standard considers both the above-ground and below-ground characteristics of the tree.

Using the standard is an important step to ensure that you are getting the best trees available at time of purchase. Combined with good landscape planning and design, correct planting and establishment techniques and ongoing maintenance, trees will be more likely to fulfil their long-term landscape potential.

Terminology within the standard

The word ‘trees’ covers an enormous range of Genus and species grown across a range of climatic conditions. ‘The standard provides a method for determining tree stock quality that is flexible in application’[1] to allow for these different factors. This is why the terms ‘should’ (indicates that the statement is a recommendation), ‘shall’ (indicates that the statement is mandatory), ‘normative’ (integral part of) and ‘informative’ (for general guidance only) are used throughout the standard.

If you have any questions in regard to the standard, our sales team are well trained in the standard and would be more than happy to talk through it with you.

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[1] Committee EV-018, Arboriculture, AS2303:2015, SAI Global, 2015, p. 4.