The Team at Established Tree Transplanters

Matthew Davis ETT


After completing a Bachelor in Horticulture at Melbourne University (Burnley Campus), Matthew joined ETT in 1999. Passionate about horticulture and the nursery industry, Matt leads the Sales Team, bringing his extensive knowledge and understanding of tree production to the sales and marketing process. In conjunction with his brother Steve, Matt oversees ETT’s operations, working closely with Farm Managers and the Sales Team to deliver a quality product and service that exceeds client expectations.

Matt is also currently a member of the NGIV board. This has seen him involved with implementing the new tree standard and other industry related projects over the last few years.

Stephen Davis ETT


After completing a degree in Agricultural Commerce at the University of Sydney, Steve returned to work
in the family business in 1997, applying his expertise in the business side of tree production behind the
scenes at ETT.

As Chief Financial Officer, Steve now runs ETT alongside his brother Matt, managing the administrative,
financial, and risk management operations of the company.

eboni hudson ett


Sales – Hoddles Creek

Eboni Moir recently completed a Cert III in Horticulture at Swinburne and has always had a passion for the outdoors and the gardening. Following the completion of her Certificate Eboni was offered a job in sales at ETT and is relishing in the experience of learning about more than 250 different varieties of trees.

M: 0477 115 560 | E:

Steve Gray ETT


Nursery Manager – Echuca

Steve Gray is a stalwart for ETT having worked at the Echuca farm for the past 24 years. He learnt originally from Graham, and now works with Matt as the Nursery Manager – a post he has held for most of his time. Steve’s utmost achievement is having learnt effectively and efficiently on the job over the years. For him, his greatest enjoyment is organising a large order, watching it drive out the farm gate, and later seeing them in the ground to the delight of a very happy customer. Steve overseas the management of more than 250,000 trees with about 20 to 30 different varieties.

Prue Gammon ETT


Nursery Manager – Hoddles Creek

Funnily enough, Prue was a Dental Nurse by trade before falling into the nursery industry and since then has never looked back. He nursery work began with the lavender industry and grew from there. Prue loves the outdoors and learning as much as she can about the tree varieties and what they can offer different customer needs. “Each tree is different and has its own personality even when they have no leaves,” says Prue. Today, Prue has been the nursery manager at ETT’s Hoddles Creek nursery and has been in the role for 7 years.

Brent Boulter ETT


Nursery Manager – Wandin East

Brent has been with ETT for 26 years and comes from a family of nurserymen. With a keen interest to try his hand in this sector he started work for ETT at the Wandin nursery and learnt everything on site. He recalls how he learnt from start to finish the whole process – and can even speak Latin fluently when defining the different tree species. Today Brent is nursery manager at Wandin East where he oversees the crucial part of watching the seedling growth and training it as it develops before they are re-located to the two different nurseries. Often, Brent looks at trees standing in the main streets of certain towns and recalls how he picked the seed that started that tree’s life.

Ben Westhorpe ETT


Sales Manager

ETT welcomes Ben Westhorpe to the role of Sales Manager. Ben has spent the past 14 years in the wholesale nursery industry working within some of the top enterprises. The wealth and breadth of knowledge he brings to ETT has been noted by both our clients and team members. Ben is known for his efficiency, reliability, and commitment to customers in terms of  trees that exceed clients’ expectations. To say Ben loves trees is an understatement as he is driven by wanting to assist and talk through a plan for each customer’s job. “I love creating spaces with trees for people to enjoy!”

Ben Westhorpe ETT


Transplant Co-ordinator

Shaun has a strong background in the services, logistics and transport sector. His past roles have assisted his ability to be a dependable and efficient  Transplant Co-ordinator to the wide range of clients he services. Shaun appreciates the intricacies involved in the transplanting of trees – and ensures each job is treated with the upmost respect to warrant the safe delivery and movement of established trees.