ETT provides an off-site transplanting service, which enables the relocation of established trees to a new location.

We have relocated trees in forests, plantations, city and town redevelopments, private suburban developments, and domestic landscaping projects. We have also relocated agricultural plantings, such as orchards and vineyards.

The optimal time for lifting deciduous and evergreen trees is Autumn/Winter, however trees can still be lifted outside these periods, using specialized preparation techniques.

Trees grown outside of our nursery with up to a 400mm caliper and 15 metres, can be transplanted with our largest tree spade. Trees and palms over these specifications can be lifted by our experienced crew with specially designed tree lifting frames and moving equipment.


Transplanting of mature trees of 10 years or older grown outside ETT’s nursery, which require relocation, need root preparation over a period of time. This encourages the growth of a more fibrous root system, which is required for the tree to re-establish successfully in a new location.

Using high-pressure water cutters is a cost effective method for cutting through the roots, and reduces the length of time for root generation compared to traditional root preparation methods. Other advantages of water-cutting is the elimination of the large trenches and piles of earth which are incurred with normal digging, plus a reduced risk of damage to underground structures.


ETT has one of the largest ranges of mechanical tree spades in operation in Australia. The largest of these is capable of lifting trees with a height of 15 metres, trunk caliper up to 400mm, and weighing up to 6 tonnes. This machinery is used mainly for off-site transplanting and relocation work. Larger trees can be relocated with the use of specially designed moving equipment and cranes. Trees of this size normally require root preparation over a prolonged period before lifting.

Many of the smaller tree spades are used for lifting the nursery trees out of the ground in preparation for shipment. These spades dig, lift and replace the trees in a new position or container ready for dispatch. The hydraulic blades of the tree spade surround the tree, severing the roots as they dig into the ground. The tree with cone shaped root ball completely surrounded by the mechanical spade is then extracted out of the ground.

Trees are shipped from the nursery on semi trailers equipped with cranes to assist with loading and unloading.

ETT has developed a unique methodology that allows for the transplanting of mature Australian gum trees within the landscape.

Eucalypts are very sensitive to root disturbance, and for a long time they were believed to be impossible to transplant. However, over many years, ETT has developed a unique methodology that allows for the transplanting of mature Australian gum trees within the landscape.

Mature Australian eucalypts can have significant ornamental value. However, a wrongly positioned tree can create problems. We can advise on the best approach for relocating mature eucalypts on your property.


ETT grows and supplies mature eucalypts. With over a dozen eucalyptus species in our tree catalogue, we can also advise on the best approach to including Australian eucalypts in your next landscaping project.

Transplanting mature trees
transplanting established trees